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Dating back to 1946, the company originally focussed on the production of fashion jewellery. As the industry developed, the company shifted its business focus to today's product range.

With the arrival of a lucrative partner in 2003, we were able to make extensive investments in modernisation and expansion projects. Today's factory at the Kaufbeuren industrial park was built in several stages. The new plastic electroplating process, which began operations in 2009, represented a particularly significant investment. KTB is now the proud owner of a cutting edge machinery plant and sufficient manufacturing capacity to handle even large-scale projects with demanding requirements. These new investments form the basis for us to continue the profitable growth we have enjoyed in recent years.

The company has extensive expertise covering every stage of the value chain, from parts development and tooling to moulding, plastics injection moulding and surface finishing in our own plastic electroplating shop. Our products and services range from precise technical functional parts to surface finishing, and often include the manufacturing of complete subassemblies. Our customers include a number of reputable companies specialising in the automotive, household appliance and sanitation sectors – all with high quality and reliability requirements.

Dr.-Herbert-Kittel-Straße 10, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany+49 (0) 8341 / 966 128 300+49 (0) 8341 / 966 128 300info(at)ktbernt.def

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